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An Anglican Protestant Denomination that is Christ Centred, with the Word for All. Member UECC Communion of Churches

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Who We Are

An ordinate and communion of churches/missions within the United Episcopal Catholic Communion Family. We are a church of the Independent Anglican Protestant Ethos, none the less we celebrate and embrace our universal catholic heritage. We believe in and support all our christian denominations as brothers and sisters in the faith.



We are an Anglican Protestant (Apostolic( Church that is a dynamic and growing organization. Recorded Valid Apostolic Succession. As an Anglican Protestant Church, we practice via-media - a compromise between the Roman Catholic and Protestant ethos. Our services can fall into many categories: low, broad, or high church services.

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We are members of the Anglican Protestant Church and report to the UECC Communion and National Church, none the less we operate as an autonomous organization, within the guidelines of the UECC. We avidly support all universal churches of the Independent Anglican Ethos. We are a welcoming and inclusive communion of churches in the ancient traditions. All faiths are welcome to come celebrate with us. We are a proud member of the Episcopal Free Communion, founded 1897, based in the United Kingdom.



The Anglican Protestant Church was founded by Rev. Brian K. Putzier. Our clergy opeate under the beliefs and canons of the United Episcopal Catholic Communion, none the less are autonomous in the operations of the church within those constraints. The Anglican affiliation is managed by Archbishop Coadjutor Robert Ponsford.

Dioceses, Churches and Missions

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Our Christian Heritage - Christ Centred, The Word for All

The Anglican Protestant Church follows the premise set down and validated by the 39 Articles of the original Anglican Faith.

We honor all of the traditional universal catholic principles.  Yet, we embrace hundreds years of reformation that sought to eliminate the greed, politics. power trips, theological and moral inconsistencies.

Over the centuries individuals such as Calvin, Hooker and Luther made valid observations to point out the inconstancies of the past; to make the solace of the church open to all.

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Message from the Archbishop

We as a universal church are at a crossroads. Political agendas, separatist ideas and denominational differences are weakening the faith.

We must come together as one; Put our differences aside, learn from each churches uniqueness and come together as one voice within the faith.

The church has become the judge and jury of individualistic moral precepts. This cannot continue. The church and it's presbyters are counselors of the masses. Only our Lord and Savior is the judge of right and wrong at the end of days.

The church must be open, must not be judgmental, must cure it's internal issues and must strive to bring the masses together is true fellowship.

Our priesthood must also bear the burden of change, remembering that the priesthood is a calling and not a business. We all must be priests for the right reasons, serve our Lord as he so commanded and remove from ourselves the shackles of our secular distractions.


Resource Center

Whether a postulant/seminarian or active member of the clergy, we have a need or requirement for continued studies or self enrichment. If you are one who has spent many hours 'searching' the internet for appropriate resource materials there is a simpler solution.

We have compiled a large collection of public domain, copyrighted (with permissions when required) or links to documents that are scattered through all corners of the internet.

The main categories of documents and links are compiled on a single website located at The categories currently supported are as follows:

Theology, Divinity, Religious Philosophy, Philosophy, Church History, Church Fathers, Bible Commentaries, Liturgies, Offices and Lectionaries.

There are organizations that support projects to create similar collections, we have located those and are proud to provide links to the websites in order to support their efforts.

If you are aspiring clergy or active clergy, you are most welcome to utilize the collection for professional or personal studies. Registration/Login is required.


Letter of Engagement

Times are changing. Every aspect of our society, secular or religious, may no longer be just in the context of your beliefs.

In the realm of religion, rampant extravagances, church politics, lack of oversight and other actions have driven far too many people away from the church of their choice.

For those of you, secular or existing clergy, you do have options. You may consider ‘going it on your own’, and associate with any of the independent organizations that support and practice in the ancient traditions.

Within the scope of Catholic (catholic), Anglican, Methodist or others that support the Apostolic Succession you have opportunities to be part of an organization that strives to remove limitations; petty politics, indifference, operating as a business, closed mindedness and power trips.

Yes, for clergy, we understand that many of these independent organizations do not pay a wage. Clergy are expected to hold secular employment to support their worldly needs. This is neither good nor bad, none the less it alleviates huge financial burdens on the congregations and minimizes the church politics of running a financial based business. That not withstanding, this does allow clergy to build a church and congregation to fit their particular needs, not the needs of a council who do not fully understand those you desire to serve.

Whether clergy or secular, if you so desire to be part of an organization that believes fellowship and participation is Godly in and of itself, consider a change. If you desire to practice your faith without fear of being suppressed, harassed, politicized or driven by finances that are taken away from you to support ‘the political hierarchy’ of the church’, you may view the change as just.

Clergy may operate within many of these independent organizations restricted only by a very small subset of Canons and Rubrics. The limitations of canons that have six or seven volumes (books) is not supported by the practices of the Apostles or the early church fathers previous to AD-325. Simplicity allows for flexibility. Our job as clergy is to ‘serve’, and we serve the people as Christ and the Apostles served (and intended).

For secular or clergy, our organization herein known as the United Episcopal Catholic Communion, is such an organization as described; open, non judgmental and driven by the desire to reach the people. Our desire is to focus on those who have lost the church of their choice, are tired of politics and extreme costs of operation, who reject the schismatic church, those disenfranchised and many who are shut ins.

We operate as a communion; the core organization is Independent Catholic with a valid Apostolic Succession that traces it’s lineage through the Roman Catholic, Antioch and Old Catholic lines. We operate an Anglican ordinate, with a focus to liturgically serve those who may associate with Anglo-Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal and possibly other organizations.

For congregants, we are non judgmental. While we have a set of beliefs and canons, and practice certain liturgies, we are here for you to receive the solace of the church. All we ask of you is to be non judgmental in your interactions and to come together in fellowship.

If you are an individual with a strong faith and desire to help others, we ask that you consider becoming clergy. All options are open to you; Lay Ministry, deaconship or priesthood. You may serve people in their homes, rentals or form your own congregation to support a physical church. Your options are limited only by your personal time, dedication and desires.

Our organization is structured that no monies flow upward to support the diocese or other aspects of the church. All tithes generated by your operations stays within your operations. If your organization desires to tithe to the parent church, that decision is yours to make. Yes, we have costs we must cover, and a free will tithe would be accepted with much love and acknowledgment.

Our mission is to reach the people, to bring together even small groups in fellowship and caring. A small prayer group of a six people in someone’s home is just as critical as placing 300 in a large church or cathedral. There is absolutely nothing wrong with video services for those in remote area or are shut ins. Necessity dictates flexibility.

We provide the solace of the church totally aloof of denominational background, social or financial background, race, creed, color, national origin or human condition..

If you desire some form of calling to the ministry; lay ministry, to become clergy or are existing clergy who wish a change to a simpler relationship with the church universal, give this organization (or any independent apostolic group) some consideration. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Most Rev. Brian K. Putzier

Presiding Archbishop and Founder

United Episcopal Catholic Communion

Anglican Protestant Church (Ordinate)

Church Office: Farmington, MO 63640 USA

Together We Are Strong

In our world today, the after effects of past adversities have engulfed our faith. Rampant denominationalism, schisms, abuse of power, intolerance and general hypocrisy have undermined the very foundations of the church universal.

We truly empathize with our fellow clergy who desire nothing more than to bring our faith to the people humbly and to the best of their abilities within their calling.

Clergy: have you been in a position of abuse or misuse by other organizations? Tired of the rhetoric, church politics and secular politics eroding your faith? Tired of rampant intolerance, bigotry and general misbehavior? Wish to find shelter from the insanity that seems to be prevalent in many organizations today? If you wish to talk, feel free to contact us. We promise to listen to your needs with due respect.

There are many clergy who practice the faith as a calling, and NOT a business. They strive to do what is right, not hindered by rules prescribed by humans, rules not prescribed by the divine. Congregations desire to meet in true fellowship, without being harassed by those who wish to make their individual "differences" a public issue.

For those of the presbytery and congregations who have found themselves disenfranchised from the mainstream or simply looking for others who wish to serve the faith in peace and fellowship, consider coming together.

Our Lord willing, we can make a difference. 

Proud Member Province of the Episcopal (Anglican) Free Communion

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